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    Dr. Dambaru Ballab Kattel's Decade in China

    Dr. Dambaru Ballab Kattel is an associate professor at the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research (ITPCAS) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His work focuses on mountain climate system as well as climate change adaptation for local communities in the Third Pole region. Just recently, Dr. Dambaru Ballab Kattel was invited to participate in the symposium held by Premier Li Keqiang for representatives of foreign experts working in China, before the Spring Festival, or the Chinese New Year.

    Half a Decade of Life in China

    Over the last five years, I witnessed the growth of China particularly in science and technology. Fully equipped labs and large research funds provided an opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research. I also got the chance to attend international conferences in the field. At my working unit, everyone was welcoming. I was the first CAS-PIFI candidate who joined this institute. Later, many other Asian and European people joined; some completed their work and some are still working.

    Study Novel Therapeutic Compounds with China

    I am honored to have the CAS President's International Fellowship for Special Experts, which offers unique possibilities for foreign scientists to establish and foster collaboration with their colleagues in Chinese research institutions, and in my particular case it was of central importance for establishing first contacts during short visits to finally realize long-term research collaboration.

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